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State Agencies

Solutions for State Agencies – Partnership Benefits

Over ten years ago, Watch Systems took on the nationwide demand for sex offender management by creating OffenderWatch® – an internet-based system that provides offender registration, ongoing compliance management, and community notification.

In the years since OffenderWatch® was conceived, Watch Systems has become the nation’s leading authority on sex offender management, and OffenderWatch® has evolved into the most powerful technology platform in the industry. Watch Systems’ knowledge of law enforcement, state legislation trends, and national policy compliance, along with our ability to deliver a state-of-the-art management solution has helped make us the consultant of choice for local and state enforcement agencies.


We’re Not Your Vendor, We’re Your Partner

We stay abreast of industry trends and new laws as they become relevant, and we advise policy makers as to how to maximize their implementation. We get to know each state’s workflow, and we tailor a solution to meet their satisfaction. We help our clients get total statewide participation in OffenderWatch® through awareness and training. We empower the user base to maximize their time and resources, and in the process, help them get more funding. And through continuous updates to OffenderWatch® annual performance audits and always-available training, Watch Systems makes sure that our clients are making the most out of their time and investment.


Let Us Know If We Can Help You

For a personalized needs assessment for your state, call Mike Cormaci at 1-888-WATCH12 or email:

Six Reasons We Are The Industry Standard

Browse through each topic, to learn why OffenderWatch® has become the industry standard in sex offender registration and compliance management.

Legislative Compliance

shutterstock_179548553OffenderWatch® fully meets the minimum provisions of the Adam Walsh Act without modification by the state or local user and stands ready for the SORNA rules if and when they are needed.

OffenderWatch® is a single solution for all state offices associated with registration, verification and reporting, managing cases, updating a central state database and complying with registered sex offender management laws, while providing inter-agency communication and community notification.

Cost Effective

shutterstock_91090757OffenderWatch® makes the most of an agency’s limited resources by minimizing the administrative “paperwork” time for each offender, allowing them to maximize the amount of time interviewing and checking up on the actual offender, getting the best possible data, and flagging any inconsistencies in the offender record. Through precise offender address mapping, inter-agency alerts, automated calendar appointments and full document archiving of state forms and photos with the offender record, OffenderWatch® helps agencies get more done in less time with fewer resources. Since OffenderWatch® is internet based, there is no computer hardware investment.


shutterstock_228083629OffenderWatch® allows agencies to identify offenders that are more difficult to manage and helps reallocate resources to more effectively investigate cases.

OffenderWatch® features user-defined state-level rules, which allow local customization and flexibility within state parameters. OffenderWatch® is intelligently networked, promoting interaction among agencies, counties, and other states running the system. OffenderWatch® also syncs with NSOPR daily.


shutterstock_152693306OffenderWatch® is an internet-based system that provides 24/7, worry-free technology with little to no downtime. Our maps are proprietary and our geo-coding is cross-checked with postal records, creating maps with a guaranteed level of accuracy that can’t be touched by open source maps.

Public Service

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 12.55.36 PMOffenderWatch® provides an effective means of community notification via a single platform which generates neighborhood maps, automated postcards and email distributions. OffenderWatch® provides millions of public transactions daily. The system produces 100 million address searches and 300 million email alerts annually.

It Works!

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 11.44.09 AMOffenderWatch® is in use by agencies nationwide, and is the standard statewide sex offender management platform in 16 states.


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