Halloween Quality Assurance Tip

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Kids trick or treating


Quality Assurance Tip


With Halloween quickly approaching, there is heightened awareness as to locations of sex offenders in your jurisdiction.  To ensure your agency has the most up-to date information regarding your sex offenders’ whereabouts of your agency’s sex offenders.

OffenderWatch suggests you search for all offenders that may be past due for verification / re-registration.

To do this please follow the steps outlined below:

  • Go to Manage Verifications
  • Check the box titled “Verifications Due in a Date Range”
  • Enter 1/1/1900  as the Start Date and current date as End Date
  • Click the Search button
  • The list of offenders that appears in the Search Results all have a past due verification of some type

You should review the offenders’ records and update their information if they are not actually past due.  For those offenders that are past due, you should mark them as Non-Compliant immediately and attempt to confirm their location.


If you need assistance, the USMS can help with compliance sweeps and absconded offenders.   

For questions about our Quality Assurance program please contact Robin Smith