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 Why choose OffenderWatch®?

A single solution to a complex problem

  • Ensure compliance – OffenderWatch® automates your registration, verification, and notification processes to ensure your agency complies with State and Federal registered laws.
  • Streamline work – OffenderWatch® is a single web-based sex offender management and community notification geographical information system that houses the offender records and all associated images, and related files – it is searchable, map-able, exportable, and printable.
  • Get connected – OffenderWatch® connects your agency to the largest private network of sex offender data in the country. The system syncs with NCIC, Exchange, NSOPW, the US Marshall Service, and your other State systems daily.
  • Better public safety – OffenderWatch® provides effective community notification with your branded searchable web portal, built-in neighborhood maps, automated email distribution and postcards.
  • Most cost effective – Offender Watch® demands less of an agency’s resources and personnel than traditional, paper-based record keeping. And since OffenderWatch is a commercial off the shelf product, it can be up and running quickly.
  • Stay smart – OffenderWatch® generates automatic alerts on offender movement across jurisdictions, no-shows, bookings, and promotes interaction among Federal, State, and local agencies.  
  • Robust and reliable – OffenderWatch® is hosted for you to empower your agency with the most advanced technology 24/7 worry free.

OffenderWatch® Family of Products:


OffenderWatch® Mobile 

  • Offender Data, when and where you need it including: photos, name, registration number, address, including directions, interactive map, risk level and other offender information
  • Instantaneous updates to the offender’s record
  • Upload a photo taken with the mobile device right on the spot.
  • Faster/more efficient compliance checks
  • A radial search that will locate all offenders with an address near your location


OffenderWatch® Mail Service

  • Saves you time – with one click, all residents and special recipients are selected to receive a professional, agency-personalized notification mailer
  • Saves you money- for simply the cost of a stamp, everything is included: postage, list rental for your zip codes, printing of a high quality mailer, delivery to the post office, full database updates
  • Provides a comprehensive history – all offender and recipient details are logged into a database for future reference.


OffenderWatch® Active Contact

  • Increase complianceby sending automatic personalized email and pre-recorded telephone reminders to your offenders.
  • Saves Law Enforcement Time
  • Validate Phone Numbers and Email Addresses


OffenderWatch® Booking Alerts 

  • Booking Alert automatically registers your OffenderWatch® sex offenders every day in the nationwide APPRISS OfffenderNet database.
  • Your SORT officer is immediately notified by email when one of your offenders is booked or released anywhere in the country.


OffenderWatch® Express Check-in

  • Designed to cut the time registering and updating offender records
  • Captures IP address and sends Deputy a message that an offender has made updates to their record
  • View pending list of all offenders that made updates to their records
  • Offenders will use OffenderWatch® Express because it is simple, secure and saves them time as well
  • Agencies can offer an “express line encouraging offenders to use this time saving process

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