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 OffenderWatch®  Supplementary Products


OffenderWatch® Mobileshutterstock_110678495

  • Offender data, when and where you need it including photos, name, registration number, address, location, directions, interactive map, risk level and other offender information.
  • Instantaneous updates to the offender’s record.
  • Upload a photo taken with the mobile device from anywhere.
  • Faster/more efficient compliance checks.
  • A radial search that will locate all offenders with an address near your location.
    For more information on Mobile, please click here

OffenderWatch® Postal Notification Service

  • Saves you time – with one click, all residents, and special recipients are selected to receive a professional, agency-personalized, notification mailer
  • Saves you money – for simply the cost of a stamp, everything is included:  postage, list rental for your zip codes, printing of high-quality postcards, delivery to the post office, and full database updates.
  • Provides a comprehensive history – all offender and recipient details are logged into a database for future reference.
    For more information on mailings, please click here

OffenderWatch® Active Contact


OffenderWatch® Booking Alerts

  • Booking Alert automatically registers your OffenderWatch® sex offenders every day in the nationwide APPRISS OfffenderNet database.
  • Your SOR officer is immediately notified by email when one of your offenders is booked or released anywhere in the country.
    For more information on Booking Alert, please click here

OffenderWatch® Express Check-in

  • Designed to cut the time registering and updating offender records.
  • Sends the Deputy a message that an offender has made updates to their record.
  • View pending list of all offenders that made updates to their records.
  • Offenders will use OffenderWatch® Express because it is simple, secure and saves them time.
  • Agencies can offer an “express line” encouraging offenders to use this time-saving process.
    For more information on Express, please click here


OffenderWatch® Record Locator 

  • Search and view offender records from around the US.
  • Let other States know which offenders you have
  • Get alerts from other agencies when an offender is heading to your state
  • Notify your local agencies of offender movement into their jurisdiction
  • Run Interstate History Report on all your offenders
  • Copy offender records from other states to complete your file
  • Get notified when an out of state agency copies your offender record
    For more information on Record Locator, please click here
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