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 OffenderWatch®  Supplementary Products


OffenderWatch® Mobileshutterstock_110678495

  • Offender data, when and where you need it including photos, name, registration number, address, location, directions, interactive map, risk level and other offender information.
  • Instantaneous updates to the offender’s record.
  • Upload a photo taken with the mobile device from anywhere.
  • Faster/more efficient compliance checks.
  • A radial search that will locate all offenders with an address near your location.
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OffenderWatch® Postal Notification Service

  • Saves you time – with one click, all residents, and special recipients are selected to receive a professional, agency-personalized, notification mailer
  • Saves you money – for simply the cost of a stamp, everything is included:  postage, list rental for your zip codes, printing of high-quality postcards, delivery to the post office, and full database updates.
  • Provides a comprehensive history – all offender and recipient details are logged into a database for future reference.

OffenderWatch® Active Contact

  • Increase compliance by sending automatic personalized email and pre-recorded telephone reminders to your offenders.
  • Saves Law Enforcement Time.
  • Validates Phone Numbers and Email Addresses.

OffenderWatch® Booking Alerts

  • Booking Alert automatically registers your OffenderWatch® sex offenders every day in the nationwide APPRISS OfffenderNet database.
  • Your SOR officer is immediately notified by email when one of your offenders is booked or released anywhere in the country.

OffenderWatch® Express Check-in

  • Designed to cut the time registering and updating offender records.
  • Sends the Deputy a message that an offender has made updates to their record.
  • View pending list of all offenders that made updates to their records.
  • Offenders will use OffenderWatch® Express because it is simple, secure and saves them time.
  • Agencies can offer an “express line” encouraging offenders to use this time-saving process.


OffenderWatch® Record Locator 

  • Search and view offender records from around the US.
  • Let other States know which offenders you have
  • Get alerts from other agencies when an offender is heading to your state
  • Notify your local agencies of offender movement into their jurisdiction
  • Run Interstate History Report on all your offenders
  • Copy offender records from other states to complete your file
  • Get notified when an out of state agency copies your offender record
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